Web Data Collector

Web Data Collector – an easy and cost-effective way to collect web data

Houston Analytics’ Web Data Collector (WDC) is an open-source based and cost-effective solution for collecting web data at the cookie level. With WDC, data is easy to collect from different channels to produce a 360 customer view. The data can also be combined with data from conventional brick-and- mortar stores.


Web Data Collector Dashboard


WDC’s strengths

  • Cost: the cost is as little as a third of the most common competitive products
  • Fast data transfer: collected data is available for use in 1 to 15 minutes, depending on the need, enabling real-time cross-channel action
  • Wide range of applications: With WDC, data can be collected from a variety of sources including websites and newsletters
  • Data is stored in the cloud at a high level of detail for real-time or later use, enabling analyses, precise targeting, scoring and optimisation
  • Data is only available to the customer who collects it
  • Easy to integrate into reporting systems available on the market


  • Snowplow: capturing data
  • AWS Firehose: storing data
  • Scala: processing data
  • AWS Kinesis: working with real-time data
  • AWS Redshift: databases (Data can also be stored in an AWS EMR database (Hadoop) and analysed with Spark, but this is only recommended for customers who are already extensively using Hadoop.)

The customer’s web profile is stored in a dedicated database. Available data includes the following:

  • searches and/or clicks
  • time of searches and/or clicks
  • compared alternatives
  • unsuccessful searches
  • click paths
  • purchased items
  • abandoned items and shopping carts
  • devices used for searches and/or clicks
  • brand interests
  • price level preferences
  • quality level preferences (premium – bulk)


Web Data Collector Flow


Web Data Collector Domains



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