CDO/CIO as a Service

Chief Digital Officer / Chief Information Officer

An easy, scalable service for companies that need a flexible resource to steer their digital development and support their management in associated decision-making. You can buy the service on a day-to- day basis as an on-site contract or as an on-site and remote combination.

The service includes the following:

  • Understanding of the meaning, opportunities and risks of digitalisation in relation to the company’s business.
  • Creation of a digital strategy together with the company’s management. Definition and validation of data needed for decision-making.
  • Definition of the budget, goals and indicators required by operations together with the company’s management.
  • Assessment of the suitability of data for data-driven management
  • Survey of what competence is required and building and maintaining it.
  • Creation and maintenance of an organisation and a partner network that meets the company’s needs.
  • Management of operations associated with digital projects and situations where decisions have to be made.
  • Management of development projects / development portfolios.
  • Preparation of investments and implementing them in accordance with investment decisions.
  • Advice to company management with regard to digitalisation.

CEO Antti Syväniemi

We can provide you with the CEO’s CV for more detailed information on his competence profile and expertise. The entire staff of Houston Analytics provides support for the production of the CDO/CIO service.



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