Shelf-space optimisation

Shelf-space optimisation is an analytics tool that optimises the division of space within shelf modules at product level by synchronising various datasets. The resulting product selection and shelf-space proposal is optimal for customer satisfaction, sales, and business profit.

A vital data resource used in the optimisation is a demand forecast. Sales and earnings scenarios are used to consider not only the role of the new products that are offered, but also the overall sales and financial impact of the solution. What is more, the model can also use unstructured data, such as feedback from customer service and panel results. This means that customer satisfaction can also be included in the analysis, not only through market baskets but also perceptions. However, the superiority of the tool is based on optimisation that makes it possible to focus on sales or earnings and consider e.g. store-specific needs.  The solution displays the products on the shelf as different colours based on the product family or on selected blocks. This makes it easy to turn the results into practice.

Technologies used: SPSS,CADS, CPLEX, DOC