A 360 customer view helps you to optimise customer dialogue in multichannel media environments and prevent customer churn.

  • Churn model: The customer churn model identifies customers that are in danger of leaving, why they may leave and what is the probability of their leaving. The model also provides a view of measures that can prevent customers from leaving.
  • Customer Preventive: The model shows what content and measures are needed to retain a customer as a regular service user.
  • Path analysis: The model describes the timeline and associations of content use, including the click paths that lead a person to order an offered product.
  • Recommendation model: The model suggests content to a customer based on his or her profile and patterns of use
  • Control of cross-use: The model suggests an offering based on cross-use within a segment.
  • Time-place-device content optimisation: The model identifies the most popular times, places, devices and programmes for viewing content.



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